Women want to feel confident. They often think that this depends on what they look like. They often compare their appearance with the ideal of beauty, which is consciously made inaccessible, so many of these women are actually dissatisfied with their appearance. Even though they feel that this ideal of beauty sometimes stops them in life, THEY still have of feeling bad about it or not. But for some of them, like me, it seems too difficult.

It is time to break this pattern and to find a deeper sense of external beauty! In order to achieve this I have created assignments for me and other women. These assignments can be confrontational at first, but will lead to a ‘feel good’ feeling and rather make you laugh than feel bad. The results of the assignments could be uploaded by the participants on the blog and these results, images and text, formed the content of a beautiful, artistic interactive visualization.

The project We Are Beautiful has been exhibited and closed for now.